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A passion for research, design, development, and colors. Driven by a deep sense of empathy and a genuine desire to make a meaningful impact."

Where I'm spreading my passions!

  • St. Jude
  • Code Connector
  • CodeCrew

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What my awesome clients have to say.

I had been searching for the perfect designer to bring my promotional poster idea to life and luckily, I found Coriano! It's clear that he's not only talented but also has a real knack for bringing his clients' ideas to fruition. Thank you so much, Coriano!"

Micheal St John at the Oscars

Micheal St. John

I am truly blown away by Coriano Harris's talent! He created some amazing posters, news flyers, and teasers that really caught my eye. It's clear that he's a master at what he does and he puts so much care and effort into his work."

Lauren Brynes smiling

Lauren Byrnes

I was the keynote presenter at the Charleston Jewish Federation Lion of Judah event, presenting the program. They loved it! AND, 31 other communities have already ordered 2,500 kits so we are well on our way!

Laura Linder smiling

Laura Linder

The way you've captured our culture, our students, and our brand is truly remarkable. It's clear that you have a real talent for creating pieces that resonate with people and convey a message."

Rae Coleman dancing

Rae Coleman

Made some wicked awesome projects with these employers



Fullstack React App

Role / UX/UI designer & developer

Prediabetes Risk Test

Nextjs App hosted by Netlify

Role / UX/UI designer & developer


Created in Figma

Role / UX Researcher

Zoo Donator

Created in Figma

Role / UI designer

PlayRun App

Adobe XD Mockup

Role / UI designer

Logos Designs

Adobe Illustrator

Role / graphic designer


Graphic Design




Soft Skiills

Feel free to explore my personal projects upon request


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